The American Journal of Surgery and Clinical Case Reports (Impact Factor:1.890), alongside Surgery Case Reports and Surgery and Clinical, is a reputable journal that focuses on the practice of surgery. Surgery involves the intentional alteration of the human body through techniques such as incisions, tissue destruction, and the use of various instruments like lasers, ultrasound devices, scalpels, probes, and needles. It serves both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, aiming to treat conditions and diseases by locally modifying or relocating living human tissue.

The American Journal of Surgery and Clinical Case Reports is committed to open access and follows a rigorous peer-review process. It publishes translational and clinical research with international relevance across all medical disciplines. By providing a platform for researchers and clinicians, the journal facilitates the exchange of knowledge and promotes advancements within and between different fields. The journal accepts various types of submissions, including Case Reports, Clinical Images, Mini Reviews, Short Commentaries, Editorials, and Letters to the Editor. Its high-quality content ensures that readers worldwide have access to valuable and informative publications.